Mental Performance Training

Basketball, like any sport, is a mental game. Through our Mental Performance Program, athletes will learn the necessary skills to develop confidence, focus and resilience while building habits and routines that will allow them to perform at their absolute best. If you’re looking for that competitive edge, this is it.

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Program Highlights

The 10 Pillars of Mental Performance, from Brian Cain, are a proven system that teaches you how to train an elite mindset and develop the mental skills athletes need to consistently achieve long-term success.

#1 Elite Mindset

#2 Motivation and Commitment

#3 Focus and Awareness

#4 Self-control and Discipline

#5 Process over Outcome

#6 Meditation and mental Imagery

#7 Routines and Habits of Excellence

#8 Time Management and Organization

#9 Leadership

#10 Culture

These are proven strategies and practices that will help anyone reach their full potential and get the results they want and deserve.


Adriano Catena
Director of Basketball Operations & Head Coach

Adriano Catena is a former professional basketball player with over 10 years experience coaching high school, university and professional aged athletes. Adriano holds a BA Communications degree and has been certified as a Mental Performance Training Coach. He is currently the Director of Operations and Head Coach at The Vancouver Basketball Academy ™ and an Assistant Coach at the UBC Women’s Basketball program. Adriano is passionate about coaching and inspiring people around him to be the best version of themselves.

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Dates & Prices

Each session is 45 minutes and can be done in person or over zoom.

  • Single session: $50
  • Pack of 5 sessions: $200


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